Under-Deck Drain System

An under-deck drainage system is a solution that allows rainwater to drain away from your deck, keeping the area dry and comfortable. It is an essential addition to any deck because it prevents water damage, mold growth, and rot by keeping moisture away from the deck’s structure.

Under-deck drainage systems are designed to be installed under your deck’s joists, which means they are not visible from above and don’t affect the deck’s appearance.

Colorado Lumber Crafts has extensive experience installing under-deck drainage systems. We can work with you to develop a custom system that works for your home and provide you with a free quote.

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Benefits of an Under-Deck Drain System

There are many benefits to having an under-deck drain system installed. It will keep your deck dry, protect it from water damage, prevent mold and rot, and increase the value of your home.

Keep Your Deck Dry

A drain system will keep your deck dry. When water pools up on a deck, it can cause mold and rot to form on the wood; this damage is unsightly and expensive to repair. 

A drain system will also prevent damage from occurring in the first place by keeping water from pooling up in certain areas of your deck. The best part about an under-deck drainage system is that it's easy to install yourself!

It can also keep the space under your deck dry, allowing you to turn that space into a usable patio area. This can help you easily expand your outdoor living space. 

Protect Your Deck from Water Damage

Both concrete and wood overhead decks can be damaged by water, as it can lead to mold and rot. This is especially true if your deck is not properly sealed. When you combine these factors with constant exposure to UV rays, they become vulnerable to water damage over time.

If your deck isn't properly sealed or maintained, it allows for moisture under the surface of your decking material. This area is exposed to air circulation, which creates the ideal environment for mold growth and decay, as well as other biological activity like algae growth (which will discolor any nearby surfaces). 

An under-deck drain system ensures water properly drains away, protecting your overhead deck from water damage.

Prevent Mold and Rot

Mold and rot can destroy a deck. If left unchecked, mold and rot will cause structural damage to your deck. They are also a health hazard for you, your family, and visitors. In extreme cases, mold can cause allergies, respiratory problems, skin irritations, and even death.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The benefits of an under-deck drain system are many. It can help you to:

  • Keep the deck dry and clean. This will prevent mold, rot, and water damage that may occur when rainwater is allowed to sit on a wooden deck.
  • Prevent water from seeping into the house through cracks or gaps in between floorboards. An older home with wooden floors in your basement could be especially important for preventing flooding during heavy rains or snowmelt runoff!
  • Increase the value of your home by making sure it looks great from top-to-bottom (or bottom to top).
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Different Types of Under-Deck Drainage Systems

There are several types of deck drainage systems, including under-deck ceilings, under-deck waterproofing, and under-deck drainage. 

  • Under-deck ceilings use a system of panels to create a ceiling under your deck, preventing rainwater from entering the area below. 
  • Under-deck waterproofing involves using a waterproof membrane under the deck’s surface to keep water out. 
  • Under-deck drainage uses a gutter system to drain water away from the deck’s surface.

Under-Deck Waterproofing Options

Under-deck waterproofing options include using a waterproof membrane, vinyl under-deck ceiling, or aluminum under-deck ceiling. 

  • A waterproof membrane is a thin material layer applied under the deck’s surface to keep water out. 
  • A vinyl under-deck ceiling is a system of panels that creates a ceiling under your deck, preventing rainwater from entering the area below. 
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Under-Deck Drainage System Maintenance

Under-deck drainage systems require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. Maintenance includes cleaning the gutters and troughs to prevent clogging, inspecting the system for leaks, and replacing damaged parts as needed. 

A professional should inspect the system at least once a year to identify potential problems before they become severe.

Add An Under-Deck Drainage System To Your Colorado Home

Colorado Lumber Crafts can build you a custom under-deck drainage system, allowing you to make use of the space under your deck. 

Looking to build an under-deck drainage system for your yard near Aurora, Colorado? Contact Colorado Lumber Crafts today at (303) 434-0448 to schedule an on-site quote and get started.

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