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A pergola cover is the perfect solution for providing shade over your patio or deck area. Pergola covers are easy to install, so you can spend more time lounging in your outdoor space than worrying about keeping cool! 

So whether you're looking for a full-sized cover that lasts through years of use or need something simple for now, we've got what you need here at Colorado Lumber Crafts.

We all want to enjoy our outdoor living space during the summer. But with so much sunshine and heat, it can be hard to make this happen without some extra help. A pergola cover is perfect for providing shade over your patio or deck area.

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Pergola Covers Are An Effective Way To Shade Your Outdoor Living Area

Pergola covers are an effective way to shade your outdoor living area. Pergolas can be used as a simple place to eat or relax, but they also provide the perfect location for entertaining guests. 

Pergola covers are portable and easy to move when you want to make a change in your yard.

Pergola Covers Are Made Of Durable Materials

Pergola covers are made of durable materials that stand up to the elements. They're designed to withstand the sun, wind, and rain, so they can last for years. The cover will protect your pergola from weather damage while also enhancing its appearance.

Pergola Covers Come In A Range Of Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

Pergola covers come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your patio perfectly. You'll also be able to choose from a wide range of colors to match your home's decor and the style of your pergola.

When choosing an outdoor patio cover, it is important to consider the weather where you live. With the harsh winter in Colorado, consider installing canvas covers instead since these materials won't crack under the pressure of ice and snow.

Find A Pergola Cover That Fits Your Patio At Colorado Lumber Crafts

Colorado Lumber Crafts has a huge selection of pergola covers. We have pergola covers for every budget, style, and climate. Our team can quickly install a pergola cover to your existing pergola or add one to your new custom pergola that we design and build for you. 

If you are ready to install a pergola cover in the Aurora, CO, area, give us a call at (303) 434-0448 or schedule an on-site quote online. We will help you choose the right pergola cover for your project.

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